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Risk Analysis and Prevention Plan


In smaller companies this task is mostly performed by the CEO. He takes care of the risk analysis in the company, the companies’ Global Prevention Plan, the Yearly Safety Action Plan, the quarterly safety report, …, all legally required by this K.B. of March 27.

To reduce the burden on the CEO, BIP can assist you in these tasks, while you keep full control and responsibility.

The Global Prevention Plan (GPP) is a document containing all elements to safeguard the health and security of your employees. This document is based on the outcome of a risk analysis, and covers a period of 5 years. The implementation of a ‘dynamic risk management system’ allows the company to adjust the GPP regularly and at least each year again for the coming five years.

The Global Prevention Plan also serves as a basis to deduct the Yearly Action Plan which describes the preventive measures to be taken the current or coming year in order to assure the health and security of your employees.

The progress of your activities working out a welfare policy will be reported in the Monthly/Quarterly Report.

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